rJava and psh

October 7, 2009
by Daniel Chapsky (dkc06)

Since last class what i’ve wanted to do is just get a simple working function in r that would take some variable in R, put it through Psh and then return the output to R. The original plan was to have minimal work done on the R side of things, R would just give some values and call the function. Then the function itself would go crazy, run the tests and save the model for future tests to be run. As of last night me and Jeremy have had all the seperate components working and we just had to put them all together into a cohesive program.

While we were working on this though all sorts of little problems came up that we needed obscure workarounds to deal with. At the core of most these issues was that all the work was being done externally from R. So I think it might be actually useful for us to go back and actually implement the core classes of Psh in R using rJava rather than obscure workarounds. This will take a little longer but it will give us more control over how everything runs and in the end should be much more useful.

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