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December 2, 2009
by Jeremy Koelmel (jpk07)

WebPages that display GP Tools, and would probably display PshRSymbolicRegression

1) Jaime Fernandez

2) John R. Koza
OFFICE PHONE: 650-960-8180
(This webpage already includes Lee Spector’s Push Language)

R users venues that would be interested in learning about the new package

1)                                                                                                   “This is the new blog from REvolution Computing, dedicated to news and information of interest to members of the R community.  We’ll focus mainly on news directly about R: announcements about new releases and packages…”
2)                                                                                            R-Journal articles can include an introduction to new packages
3) Send out an email to the R-mailing list: (must register to the list-serve first)
4) Post package on CRAN (

But before the package can become the new hot thing, we just need to finalize the package…


PS: I have been working on formalizing what we have so far into a package that can be submitted to CRAN. Me and Dan met up yesterday and worked out some of the bugs that were happening when I tried to build the tarball. We finally were able to build it and I have filled in many of the necessary help files, description files, NAMEFILES and other necessary package files. Dan is adding and streamlining a few important things (such as adding categorical data, and more than two variables)   and then we can finalize the package.

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